Site changes for existing users taking our GSAT course

This post explains the changes that affect existing site users prior to September 2020 who were personally taking their GSAT qualification

New Module

The new site brings with it a new module to our GSAT course, the Your Role in Aviation Security module, bringing our course inline with 2020 legislation. So you can be sure you are getting the GSAT training you require.

For candidates that have completed their GSAT within the past two months: everyone who has completed our GSAT course in the last 2 months (Aug-Sep 2020) is now entitled to free access to Module 5. To upgrade your existing GSAT please contact us

New Learning Environment

All candidates taking their GSAT course now get access to our purpose built learning environment, featuring industrial grade robustness and speed.

Our easy to complete GSAT course can be completed on any device; mobile/tablet or PC/Mac.

Existing candidates with a GSAT in progress should be automatically be transferred to our new learning environment. contact us

How do I login to my course?

All users that are were currently in-progress with their course are being automatically transferred to our new system and will automatically receive an email with the login details for their course.

If you are an existing candidate with a course in progress and have not received your login details, please contact us

I recently completed my GSAT can I just do module 5?

We are offering free Module 5 for users that have completed their GSAT within the past 2 months (August – October 2020), if you have personally paid for your GSAT course and would like to top up with module 5 please contact us

If you are candidate that has been added to our course via a manager or similar, please ask your manager to contact us for your free top up

I have already completed my GSAT and need a copy of my certificate

For existing customers that require a copy of a certificate for their GSAT which has been completed within the past 5 years, please contact us

If you have a question regarding users who were in progress with their GSAT course prior to September 2020 please see our FAQs

I paid for my GSAT training and need a copy of my invoice

Please contact us