Who is exempt from GSAT Training?

The following groups personnel are exempt from General Security Awareness Training if they have already received equivalent directed security training:

  • Ground Security Staff and Supervisors
  • Aviation Security Managers and Instructors
  • Aircrew and Aircrew Instructors
  • In-Flight Caterers (who have attended catering security training)
  • Cargo Operatives who have received Cargo Aviation Security Principles (CASP) Training


The following groups are not exempt from, and thus require GSAT Training:

  • airside office workers,
  • airline and other operational staff who go airside,
  • including passenger staff,
  • cargo staff,
  • drivers,
  • engineering and maintenance staff,
  • loaders, refuellers etc.
  • Also, all commercial staff who work in the SRA including shop, catering, and service staff in departure and arrivals areas, and the staff who maintain the shops and facilities