GSAT Course

General Security Awareness Training for UK airports. Our online course takes under one hour to complete. Register with us to complete your GSAT training today.

  • Legal requirement to work in an airport
  • Includes the new 2020 ’Escorting employment and/or visitor passholders' module
  • Complete in one hour
  • Receive a GSAT certificate

£49.20 (incl. VAT)

Limited to one course per candidate Buying in bulk on behalf on a team?


You must have completed a CRB background check before taking this course

Highlights and Features

  • This online GSAT course uses clear spoken language, pictures, text and videos, making it easily understood by second-language speakers. It features professional film sequences taken at a major UK airport and provides a glossary of abbreviations and technical terms.
  • The course is short and easy to use and can take under an hour to complete. At the end of the course, there is a multiple choice test which must be passed in order to receive the GSAT certificate which is part of an application or re-application for an airport pass.
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    Easy to use video based course
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    Clear text for second-language speakers
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    Multiple choice questions
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    DfT approved training
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    Admin system for employers
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    Updated to comply with latest EU and DfT legislation


In line with EU Requirement 2320, GSAT training has now been in existence since November 2007 and all staff working in the Security Restricted Area (SRA) of a Department for Transport controlled airport will be holding a current certificate.

However, newly recruited staff will need to undergo this training as a prerequisite to applying for an airport ID pass.

Examples of staff requiring this training inc, airside office workers, airline operations and passenger service staff, engineering and maintenance staff, aircraft refuellers, shop, catering, and other staff in the departure/arrivals areas.

Staff who have received certain other security training – for example, Air Cargo, in-flight catering, and job functions which include security as part of their training (e.g. security staff, air crew, etc.) are exempt.

There are two components to your course which should be completed in order:
1. Complete the five online learning modules
2. Take the end-of-course assessment. Please do not complete the assessment until after you have completed all 5 online modules.


How it works

How it works

  • 1

    Complete modules

    Our five modules use clear simple language, pictures, and videos and are up to date with 2020 legislation

  • 2

    Practice exam

    Practice to ensure your understanding of the material. The practice exam can be taken multiple times.

  • 3

    Final exam

    After practicing you’re ready for the real thing. The final assessment may be taken twice.

  • 4


    Your GSAT certificate can be printed immediately for presentation at the local Airport Pass Office

GSAT Modules

GSAT modules:


Module 1 - The Threat to Aviation

The aviation industry has been a prime target for terrorists for many years. The threat is real; but with your help, we can do much to reduce it. In this module we alert you to the nature of the threat and help you understand what you can do to assist in the day-to-day security of your airport.


Module 2 - Security in the Aviation Industry

This module will give you a basic understanding of how you can help to make your airport a safer place.


Module 3 - The Trainee's Role

In this module, you will learn that working at the airport means that you will often have access to confidential information. This information is of interest to those looking for ways to breach security. You will also have access to buildings, hangars, cargo and storage areas that such people would like to enter, as this would provide access to baggage, cargo and even aircraft.


Module 4 - Access Control and the Screening Point

In this module you will learn about the access control measures in place at your airport and your responsibilities at the screening checkpoint


Module 5 - Escorting Employment and Visitor Pass Holders

In this module, you will learn about the principles and responsibilities of escorting a visitor or an employment pass holder airside.